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"The Beach" is "Maya Bay."

There are 6 islands in the Phi Phi group, but it would be too much to do in one day, so we concentrate our tour on the two main islands famous for their natural beauty and spectacular underwater scenery. Phi Phi Don, the largest island, is the only one of the six to have accommodation and its surrounding waters have been a ‘ Mecca ' for divers and snorkelers alike for well over 30 years. Phi Phi Leh is the smaller of the two main islands and is a designated Marine National Park Thailand. It is of course, world famous for Maya Bay where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. Our favorite spot though is Pileh Lagoon.

Koh Kai Nok – As the Phi Phi islands are almost 50miles from the marina we like to break the trip up with a stop off at Koh Kai. This small sand island is perfect for a quick snorkeling lesson on the beach (for those of you who are a bit rusty or novices!), also a great spot to feed the fish. We also cut some fruit and banana cake here and enjoy the stunning scenery before making our way to the Phi Phi islands.

Monkey Beach – A spectacular beach on the west side of Phi Phi Don, it is home to some of the largest groups of monkeys on the Phi Phi islands. If you're brave enough you can feed them bananas or their favorite nuts but be careful as they are still very ‘wild'!

Camel Rock / Nui Bay – A secluded bay with a private beach and reef just north of Monkey beach, we endeavor to avoid the crowds and sneak round the corner for a snorkel and relax.

Viking Cave – Its name is derived from the cave paintings within that resemble ancient ships but it is now home to the thriving ‘bird nest soup' industry.

Straight Rock – One of the best and little known reefs in Phi Phi, this spot is a favorite amongst our guests as there is a great diversity of fish, sea life and coral. If you're lucky you can even see a family of Nemos!

Pileh Lagoon – Unanimously our favorite spot on all the Phi Phi Island 's, Pileh lagoon is simply breathtaking. A naturally formed lagoon with a deep, ‘sink-like' bottom and shear limestone cliffs surrounding you on all sides, its nature's most awe-inspiring swimming pool!

Loh Samah Bay – A beautiful and protected reef, famous for its abundance of soft corrals and secluded beach, we often try and avoid the crowds on Maya Bay and have a quiet lunch under the trees of ‘Castaway' Beach.

Maya Bay – Arguable the most famous beach in the world, it gained its notoriety as the location for the movie ‘The Beach'. Although it can often be crowded with both boats and people, we try and time our stop to avoid the masses. It's also another great spot for a picnic lunch and to relax.

Koh Rang Yai – Normally our last stop on the way home, Rang Yai is the only remaining Pearl Island off the coast of Phuket . It's now home to a few bamboo bungalows, an activity centre and the ‘Captain's Bar'. You're more than welcome to enjoy a cocktail and relax on the beach before we make our way home to the marina.


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