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Bridge Over The River Kwai Week festival

When mentioning Kanchanaburi up. The majority of people both Thais and foreigners. Bridge over the River Kwai are thinking first with the bridge in the past. Including the railroad bridge is leaning over. Are made up of flesh and blood and lives of these prisoners of war and labor partners. Was drafted by the various It will be completed over loss of life. And the flesh, not less. To commemorate the death of a railway line. And the bridge over the River Kwai. During World War II Heritage Trail which is No. 2 in late November to early December each year.

It was an exhibition model city "... the ancient regions Kanchanaburi" Show history And way of life in Kanchanaburi Fair held at the entrance to the bridge over the River Kwai. As well as light and sound show series, "Bridge on the River Kwai. Railway of Death "at the bridge over the River Kwai. Fair distribution of community And OTOP products.

Suitable for: single trip, adventure travel, family, couple, group, the first trip, adults, adolescents, youth, women, heavyweights.

1. The light and sound show, is modifying the new presentation format. This is different from every year. Performances a day at around 20.00 am between 26 Nov - 5 Dec 53 and only the length of the show about 25 minutes.

2. No Simultaneous audio foreign language

3. Price tickets for display lighting - the sound of a fourth person is 100, 200, 300 Baht (see the seats on the side. Left hand When facing the bridge over the River Kwai), and premium cards. A seat on the River Kwai center stage ticket price 500 Baht (up to 800 seats for each night).

Tickets can be contacted in advance at
1. Office of Kanchanaburi Province Tel. 034 512 399, 034 515,208 every day in working hours.
2. Association for the Promotion of Tourism, Kanchanaburi Tel. 034 518 656, 081 702 6612 (Som) 084 640 1114 (Khun Tai). Which can be reached daily from 8:30 to 20:00 am


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