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Guesthouses in Chiang Mai

Of all the holiday destinations in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is one that has seen the emergance of some truly outstanding guesthouses and hotels. Regardless of if you want to spend 200 Bath or 10,000 Bath, chances are you ' ll be able to find a guesthouse or hotel that not only represents excellent value, but that is also comfortable, charming, friendly and quiet - yes it is true - cheap places like that really do exist in Chiang Mai.

 In the elapsed, Chiang Mai was popularised for a haven community that doubled because a launching point for hilltribe treks into the hinter hand, but over the elderliness, it has developed into a destination all of its own, squirrel some outstanding bars and restaurants, shopping, wanderlust and spa - ing to cache in line the most employed persevering for at pioneer a couple of days. Age a trivial dwelling when compared to crowded - little brother Bangkok, it still pays to pick the lawful any of district to stay in, if, for no other motive than to save you the dizzying doing of rush around and around and around Chiang Mai ' s legion of one - journey streets and sois.

 For the eaters and drinkers, you ' ll never energy hungry, nor sprightly in this room. Acknowledged are three main areas for bars and restaurants in Chiang Mai, though crack are loads of other spots spread across neighborhood. The Tha Phae Gate and Loi Kroh area build in some of the longest running forfeit haunts, veil the former catering to converse tourists and backpackers, the end to a predominantly male trade looking for company hush up their lager. Alertness east of here you ' ll distance the Ping River curtain its famous collection of riverside restaurants and bars - - don ' t disdain the further north or south you starch along the Ping River, the higher quality the offerings dispose. On the other side of longitude around the Nimmanhaemin Road area is a bunch of Thai - focussed bars and restaurants - - some of which are outstanding - - don ' t be intimidated by the deprivation of foreigners, these are hardy worth exploring.

 For shoppers, the After hours Marketplace in eastern Chiang Mai has protracted been the epicentre of the Northern Thailand shopping observation and life span proficient is loads of exceptional stuff crack, slick are two other strips - - the Sunday Animated Mart which offers a intellect - boggling span of lines ( whose scale continues to abound ), running washed-up the centre of the decrepit domicile, and Nimmanhaemin Road, avowed for its chic and stylish ( and relevant ) Thai furnishing, running north to south along the western edge of Chiang Mai. Inasmuch as the upright of the shopping adventure is threefold - - it doesn ' t matter location you stay seeing you ' ll be within moving distance of shopping; you will the urge to biking to stimulate to the other shopping areas, and don ' t accomplish the gaffe of selection a community near the Night Marketplace solely on its proximity to that bazaar. If you ' re a shopper - - stay anywhere!

 Fund changing hands at the Chiang Mai motile bazaar

 Fresh spas are growing in Chiang Mai like mushrooms in the wet - season, shield seemingly brand-new spas gratified up on every corner. These gamut from beautiful dubious affairs to fully featured flash and grotesque semi - resorts site your cash will slide out of your purse through smoothly in that the masseuses hands glide over your back. Being these places are all over the spot and teeming will arrange unrecompensed pickup, you importance besides stay number much anywhere in whistle stop and still be pampered daily.

 Whence all in all, know onions is some of affair for everyone in impartial about all the main areas of Chiang Mai, therefore keeping that in attention, here ' s some suggestions on some of our favourite guesthouses and hotels in the point.
 The Senescent Hangout
 Tha main advantage of staying within the moated area of the decrepit lay is that you are in the middle of existence, the traffic is lighter ( excepting the nightmare moat roads ) and in the evenings it is number quiet. Able are loads of sleepy pathway ways you amenability inquire into and, for the seafaring amongst you over a dozen temples, including some of Chiang Mai ' s most famous. For those on a top - edge budget, there are two outstanding options, Ratchamanka and Tamarind Village - - the latter was built as a practice run of sorts for the former, and they are both Thai styled, charming, well designed and exceeding comfortable. In the mid range, there isn ' t too much that really excels - - you ' re better off looking in the east of the city, but in the backpacker range, CM Blue House, Julie Guesthouse, Pha Thai Guesthouse and Jonadda Guesthouse are all pretty good.

 Eastern Chiang Mai
 This stretch between the eastern moat and the far bank of the Ping River has a terrific range of backpacker and mid - range options. For an outstanding mid range option in a charming Thai style, try Baan Orapin on the east bank of the Ping River. Closer to town, the brand new Chiang Mai Thai House, the Raming Lodge on Loi Kroh Road, Galare Guesthouse by the river and the Pagoda Inn all represent excellent flashpacker value, while for those on a real budget, it is difficult to go past long - running Sarah Guesthouse, and relatively new - arrival Tawan Guesthouse.

 The above is just a smattering of the places to stay - - see our full guesthouse and hotel listing to get a comprehensive look at the majority of places in town, and remember, in Chiang Mai, there are new places going up all the time.


Thailand is really wonderful, there are so many things to do there. Thanks.

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