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Halong Phoenix Cruiser

Halong Phoenix Cruiser is a wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Designed with Asian traditional junk, with 20 cabins, luxurious and elegant restaurant. The cabins also decorated with its own air-conditioned, private ensuite, bar fridge, and rustic rattan furnishings private toilets. What sets rooms apart through is attention to details: wooden paneling, crisp white linen, and colorful. All suites have romantic water views, allowing you to enjoy the bay from the privacy and comfort of your own room.

Located in the head of the junk, with area for check in/out, this Luxurious restaurant is designed to serve 40 customers with separate tables and chair carved with precious wood. Customers will be served with delicious food as well as romantic sightseeing in the bay Cuisines offered on board with topics: traditional Vietnamese cuisines. On the top deck passengers will find the sunset station with cloth roof. This is the ideal place from which to soak up the atmosphere of the bay, perhaps whilst enjoying an exotic cocktail served by waiters. Guests can be tanning themselves for relaxing.


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