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Great bag, durable, with all the pockets you'll need

I got this backpack b/c I wanted a backpack to travel with that wasn't a huge obnoxious big framed camping/hiking back. I think it is as big of a pack as you can get w/o getting into the top-loading lid ones, and it has the "look" of a normal book backpack. I recently used it for a 12 day trip around Turkey. It was the only bag I took and I was able to put it in the overhead compartment of the plane and it traveled well w/ bus, taxi, dolmus, ferry, and train travel. Granted, I am a minimalist, and a great packer... but I was able to fit plenty in there for the duration of the trip (about 8 tops, thin sweatshirt, sandals, 6 shorts/capris, sweatpants... plus personal items and 2 books). The zipper panal to the main compartment opens wide enough that you can load it like a suitcase/front loader versus top-loading. I took the aluminum stay out since my frame is slightly smaller than the torso/frame range they recommended, and it worked fine. This is overall a nice and versatile quality pack!
This is an outstanding bag for day-to-day commutes or a day hiking trip. The next larger size requires a titanium frame. The next smaller is too small for books and perhaps a laptop. There is none of necessary padding or straps needed for a laptop. What sold me on the bag when I picked it out in Cabelas was the number of pockets.
Here's the pros:

* 4 front compartments: a divided main, large one; one small one the size of a coat pocket and a larger, divided one in between;
* 2 huge cargo zippered side pockets; I keep spare glasses, a medical kit and pills and such in each of these;
* 2 side web pockets; I keep sugar, cool aid, sweet&low, sanitary wipes and glass cleaner wipes in these easy-grab pockets;
* 2 large hand straps for grabbing--- one on top (see picture) and one in front(shown in picture);
* Easy-use belt strap --- you'll find this useful if you have back problems because this back can carry close to 100 lbs.;
* Easy-reach tighten straps for the shoulder straps --- keep it loose, then pull; and,
* Several hooking points inside the large bag and the middle bag for tieing in things that could fall out.

Here's the negative points:

* Nylon inside the side panels (behind the cargo side pockets) is not very tough; I tore it after 6 months;
* The large pocket (main) has a weather protective strip protecting the zipper --- it snagged within a few days ---- I cut it off;and
* Reflectors on the pack would be useful for those who commute.


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