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Timex T Series

1. Classic good looks. The shape, lug design, and white arab numerals on black face all have a very handsome, classic feel to them. Overall look is reminiscent of a vintage field watch, and nicely straddles the sporty/rugged and dressy look. I happen to like the size, which is 40 mm across (excluding the crown) and 1 cm thick (my own measurements). I had trouble figuring out what size the watch was before I bought it, since the amazon listings conflict with each other, but I was very happy when I got it.

2. New technology. Quartz means you don't have to worry about the watch being off (other than daylight saving time), 100M water resistance means you don't have to worry about getting it wet (though I personally wouldn't shower with it or take it swimming), indiglo means never having to worry about visibility, and perpetual calendar means never having to worry about re-setting the date. Together, 100% reliable. Oh, and when you eventually get the battery changed, the perpetual calendar is user-settable, unlike perpetual calendar watches from other brands.

3. Thoughtfully designed details. The case has a pleasing mix of brushed and polished finishes on different surfaces, which highlights the sculpted contours. The polished bezel is set off by the polished metal hands (this model has metal-tone hands, while the one on the black strap has white-painted hands!), and the little "T" on the seconds hand is a nice touch. The funny-looking date window allows you to discern the date even when today's number is covered up by the minute hand, since you can see two adjacent numbers. The indexed chapter ring makes for a smooth transition between inner case and dial and adds some depth to the presentation. The brushed and engraved caseback is also a nice touch. They've been around since 1854? Wow.

4. Price. Good luck finding a perpetual calendar watch from a a different brand for under $100.


1. The bracelet was so-so. The clasp was very nice, and the links were solid rather than folded. The end-links (where the bracelet fits the case), however, were hollow (as is found on cheap watches) and the links didn't seem to fold far enough to fit the shape of my wrist. That is, they made a circle that was too big! That was ok with me, though, since I wanted to wear it on a strap anyway.

2. The second hand has some play in it, so depending on which way the watch is angled it doesn't always line up with the indices. I had two of these at one point... one of them lined up fairly well and the other one hardly lined up at all.

3. The indiglo blinks a microsecond when the second hand twitches. Customer service told me this was due to a low battery, but it's a new watch so either way there's a minor problem there. Also, I think that indiglo on a watch with a black dial will never be as bright as that of a watch with a white dial, since a black dial won't reflect the light that's getting sent downward.

4. It can be hard to read at times. The polished, chrome-looking hands need something to reflect so every now and then if they're at the wrong angle they become nearly invisible. Most of the time it's fine, though. Also, in the right amount of low light, the numbers are hard to read, so you push the indiglo, but that only lights up the dial as bright as the numbers already are which makes it even harder. In the light or the dark it's fine, but at a certain point in between it gets tricky.

5. The minute display changes very quickly (good) but the day display takes 3 hours to change (bad). This can cause confusion between 12 and 3 am when you're looking at today's day with tomorrow's date. sadly, the day and date display don't light up (nor does the chapter ring, so you can't tell exactly what second/minute it is when using the indiglo).

For me, the good points are really good and the bad points are very minor. I love this watch so much I am considering getting a few backup ones for when it eventually bites the dust or gets lost. It looks good with lots of different straps and is adaptable to lots of different situations. In short, my favorite watch of all time."

T Series Perpetual Calendar

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The Timex T Series Collection draws on the Company's 155 year heritage, focusing on stylish simplicity and contemporary details. These beautifully designed stainless steel timepieces are engraved on the case back with "1854" - the year Waterbury Clock Company was founded.
* Manufactured by: Timex
* Accessories for : B000O35PMQ,B000OA6K8C,B000OA9VL0,B000V5ULP8,B000OABJWO,B000T2JKDC,B000T2N9I4,B000OABJW4
* Merchant SKU: T2M4546K
* Mineral Glass Crystal
* Brushed and Polished Finish,,Water Resistant 100 M
* Case Width: 40MM
* Case Height: 12MM
* Lug Width: 20MM
* Case Shape: Round
* Silver Brushed/Polished Stainless Steel Case
* Dial Color: Black,Crystal/Lens Material: Mineral Glass
* Brushed/Polished Stainless Steel Bracelet
* Buckle/Clasp Type: Deployment Clasp,
* 1 Year Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)

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* Fully-insured, expedited, free shipping
* We regret that this item cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

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Product Details

* INDIGLO® night-light
* Perpetual Calendar Always Displays Correct Date
* Day and Date Feature
* 7 Year Battery with Free Replacement Offer
* Stainless Steel Case
* Stainless Steel Bracelet


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