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go to "Lang Suan" Chumphon

arrow Somdej Phra Srinakarin Chumphon Park
This park is in village no.8 Tha Phla Subdistrict. It is about 4 kilometers from Lang Suan District. The park is accessible by car. It is an important Part of Lang Suan District and a good place for relaxation.

arrow Khao Ngoen cave
This cave is in the same area as the Park . Somdej Phra chulachomklao Chaoynhua graciously had a pagoda built in front of it. When the visited Lang Suan for the first time in 1889. The caves interior initial looks like a big hall through the top. The caves wall is also inscribed with His Majestry Jor. Por Ror.

Khao Kriab Cave
arrow Khao Kriab Cave
This is a famous cave. It is accessible by car. It is about 80 kilometers away from the city center along Chumphon-Lang Suan Route or 10 kilometers away from Lang Suan District. There are many Beautiful Stalagmites and stalactites inside. There is a monk residence at the foot of the hill from which the 370 steps leading to cave begin.

arrow Lam-Son Beach
This beach is at village no.3 Paknam Subdistrict about 13 kilometers away from Lang Suan District office. There is asphalt road. , it is very comfortable for the bus tour every season. It is the beautiful beach of the East of Thai Gulf. It has beautiful scenery, white-sand beach, good weather. It can attract many tourists to visit here once again.

Phithak Island
arrow Phithak Island
It is at village no.13, Bang Mam Jued, Subdistrict away from Lang Suan district about 25 kilometers. There is an asphalt road from this place to the port, in order to go the island about 1 kilometer. This island has beautiful rocks and fishing village. When the tied is low, you can walk from the shore to the Island. It is very comfortable to go to this island.

arrow Khor Khao Beach
This beach is in Na Phaya, Subdistrict, far away from the south of Lang Suan District about 15 kilometers. To get there, you can go by bus along an asphalt road about 5 kilometers and on A laterite road for another 10 kilometers.
It is a clean and beautiful beach suitable for tourists nature and the sea. Next to the beach stands a hill covered with greenery. Thammanimit Monk residence (Khor Khao Temple) is situated here. In the middle of these rich natural surroundings, there are a large Buddha effigy and the largest Kuan Imeffigy in the southern, region.
Lang Suan Mouth

arrow Lang Suan Mouth

It is Pak-Nam, Subdisrict about 7 kilometers away from Lang Suan District office. It is a fishermen community. This place has a ferry service and a fish pier. On the beach , restaurants and resorts are available for many tourists who need overnight accommodation.

arrow Huay Muang, Pha Ngam, Waterfalls
Two waterfalls are in Huay Muang Village, Nakha Subdistrict. They are about 65 kilometers from the city center. To get there , you travel along Chumphon-Lang Suan Road. Turn Right Nai Muang-village , 10 kilometers before reaching Lang Suan District. Keep going along a laterite road for another 20 kilometers. The waterfalls are beautiful medium size. It is worth to spend your time in these waterfalls because of its beauty.Hin-Charng-Sri Waterfall

arrow Hin-Charng-Sri Waterfall
It is at village no.6 Wang-Ta-Kor, Subdistrict, far away from Chumphon district to the South, along Asia Road No.41 about 80 kilometers. Turn right to the cross road to Pha-Toh District about 5 kilometers and turn to the way for "Banhong Ra School", along to the end of this road about 5 kilometers. It is one of beautiful waterfall. It is also original resource of Lang Suan River. It is 20 meters high, At the top , there is a big pool, so there is some water flows all year around. It is very beautiful especially in the rain season below it there are many big-small rocks.

People believed that, there was "Chau Mae Takian" stays at this waterfall. The tourists who wants to go here, they must worship her in order to safe themselves.


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